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Polish Food Safety Forum

Polish Food Safety Forum is a foundation for achieving statutory goals. The purpose of the Polish Food Safety Forum Foundation is to operate in the field of: safety and quality of food from plant to animal from field to table, protection of life and health as well as economic interests of consumers as well as promotion of food quality.

The forum consists of eminent representatives of the world of science, Polish food companies and farmers. It is an interdisciplinary body composed of: food technologists, veterinarians, toxicologists, lawyers, economists, business owners and plant and animal breeders.

The Foundation pursues its statutory goals, acting in the form of a think tank, by:

  • creating a platform for conducting substantive discussion
  • educating and providing access to information;
  • organizing conferences and publishing publications;
  • finding and identifying problems;
  • conducting research;
  • creating analyzes;
  • creating opinions;
  • consulting;

The main task of the think tank remains to conduct research so that they can reach the widest possible spectrum of recipients, which is associated with the functions of information and education. Providing reliable information and opinions allows the education of decision-makers and familiarization with leading problems that significantly affect the functioning of states and societies.
The dissemination of knowledge is associated with another aspect of the functioning of the think tank: publication of publications and organization of conferences. These are the basic methods of reaching recipients and, above all, a good way to disseminate research results and their understanding by recipients.
Experience and huge knowledge resources that accumulate inside the think tank contribute to the creation of analyzes used by numerous institutions. Think tank through its activities informs and affects quite different auditoriums.
This applies to both political decision-makers and individuals not directly related to the political arena. Actions taken by the think tank have a positive impact on improving the quality of political debate, often indicating new solutions for issues of a general nature. Its impact on political awareness and the creation of social discourse is also invaluable.


Polish Food Safety Forum

KRS: 0000793980

Regon: 383841139

NIP: 5252794516

ul. Świętokrzyska 20 lok. 412
00-002, Warszawa

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